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About the establishment of the the Legacy of Milan Zloković in the show “All the colors of life” on RTS

The formation of the archival collection of Milan Zlokovic’s work at the Museum of the City of Belgrade was presented in the television show “All the Colors of Life”, authored and hosted by Vesna Pavlicek, broadcast on the 27th June 2021, as part of the educational and scientific program of the Radio Television of Serbia.

Angelina Banković, art historian and senior curator at the Museum of the City of Belgrade, who leads the Collection of Architecture and Urbanism, within which the Legacy of Milan Zloković was formed, spoke about the work of architect Milan Zloković, its beginnings, influences and contribution to the development of modern architecture in Serbia. Dr. Djordje Mojovic, manager of the Foundation, presented the reasons for founding the Foundation, its mission and intention to make the extensive legacy of architect Milan Zlokovic available as a public good and part of our national culture.