They said about Zloković

His work is the very substance of Serbian modernism, and its buildings are the most coherent testimony to the ethos of the era.“.

dr Ljiljana Blagojević, architect


“By legalizing the modernization of traditional architectural norms of the national style, Zloković gave a major impetus to creative tendencies within that direction of Serbian architecture.” Thematically, his “national” aesthetics also had a specific innovative feature, as he conceived each work differently, avoiding repeating his solutions, as well as motifs from popular historical templates. “

prof. dr Aleksandar Kadijević, art historian


Milan Zloković was a complete and complex personality: at the same time an artist, a scientist, a bohemian, and a working creator.“

academician Branislav Кojić, architect (1899-1987)


“Zloković, with his dynamic personality, inexhaustible energy, patience and zeal of his human immediacy and nobility, won the sympathy and respect of all his colleagues who always had the support and example of a true builder of a noble vocation to whom he relentlessly gave his whole life. He was and remains a symbol of consistency and fidelity to the ethical principles of the craft that seeks a complete man and one of the most ardent and consistent propagandists and leaders of progressive understanding of the art of construction. His works, starting from the famous Children’s Clinic in Belgrade to the Tourist Complex in Ulcinj, represent not only the greatness and inexhaustibility of the talent he carried, but at the same time the patterns of modern ideas that will remain the best monuments of an era in which Zlokovic’s name should be written in the largest letters. “

prof. Uroš Martinović, architect (1918-2004)


“My generation, several generations before us, and then a queue of of generations after, owe Zlokovic a lot. We owe him some kind of spiritual, psychological initiation into the world of architecture, into the rules and morals of a noble craft to which we have surrendered for the rest of our lives. We understood the basic essence and meaning of construction, that miraculous process that determines our personalities. A man of true education, an intellectual, he placed us, his students, in front of the craft we chose, he introduced us to the secrets of architecture. He taught us to think architecture! ”

academician Bogdan Bogdanović, architect (1922-2010)


As a pioneer in the field of modular composition and modular design, Milan Zloković, with more than 50 printed works, opened in our country, in the modern sense, the field of scientific study of the design process. Such a duration of Professor Zloković – the only possible excess of the physical disappearance of a being – would not be without his students and associates. According to different types of their interests, they examine that eternal question of harmony.“

prof. dr Branislav Milenković, architect (1926-2020)


Milan Zloković is one of the three apostles of the Modern Architecture movement among Serbs, regardless of the order in which we list them: Milan Zloković, Nikola Dobrović, Dragiša Brašovan. Their thoughts and deeds, like fruits from the same tree, still guards the honor of Serbian architecture.

prof. Spasoje Кrunić, architect  (1939-2020)