Art works

It is less known, and mostly to the architects of the older generation, that Zloković was also a passionate artist. Through his work in the field of fine arts, Zloković built a unique fine art manuscript, based on the modernist aesthetics of purism and inspired by airy Mediterranean fine art. Prone to experimentation, and constant questioning in the domain of proportional, geometric and artistic relations, he did not hesitate to sublimate his intellectual potentials and emotional charge at the same time in a drawing equally marked by spontaneity and harmony. For Zloković, painting, along with extensive design work, was relaxation, constant preoccupation and spiritual existence, but also a natural outgrowth of the design process. Zloković’s works, created during numerous travels or creative motives, exude freshness and velvety lightness, expressiveness and plasticity, lyrical ecstasy and hidden eroticism, while his studies of free or abstract forms show analytical skills and knowledge of geometry and proportions. His themes were abstract motifs, imaginary interiors, enchanting and sensual girls, and the landscapes of the Littoral to which he was attached by his Boka origin (Bay of Kotor, Montenegro). Most of the works, whether they are drawings of female figures, abstract compositions or genre scenes that are “full of atmosphere”, are characterized by a distinctly linear composition achieved by a continuous structural line that draws shapes and creates a character image. While the softness of the lines achieves the liveliness of figures and portraits, and the watercolor emphasizes the subtlety of the face or gaze, the line overlaps on the free-form drawings give a plastic and purist flatness, in which the linear relations of the composition of form and interspace build organic three-dimensionality. He mastered the technique of watercolor very early, and with his free drawing movement and refined sense of color he was able to express his deepest feelings, in which the worship of life is recognized. Milan Zloković’s extensive painting opus has so far been almost never exhibited and thus not valorized. Due to the fact that Zloković’s role as an architect, professor and scientist was extremely valued and important for the development of Serbian architecture, his painting remained in the shadows and was not given much importance, since it did not represent his basic work. Milan Zloković’s artistic opus includes about three thousand watercolors and a small number of oils.