At the beginning of 2020, the Milan Zlokovic Foundation has started creating the Foundation's website, with the idea to present the work of architect Milan Zloković and segments from his extensive legacy in the most immediate way to the general and professional public, in Serbia and abroad and, make them available for educational and scientific purposes. The website presents all aspects of Zloković's oeuvre (architecture, scientific research and art works), as well as an overview of previous research and scientific valorization of his role in the development of Serbian architecture and culture.
Through the introduction of the "previous protection" regime, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade in 2018 initiated the procedure for the proclamation of Villa Prendić (1932) in the Professorial Colony for the Monument of Culture.
In 2019, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade accomplished the proclamation process as a Monument of Culture for three buildings in Belgrade, a Car showroom and a Fiat-Jugoauto workshops, a Residential building of Josif Šojat in Kralja Milutina 23. Street and Villa Šterić in Dedinje.
On the basis of the cooperation agreement on the formation of the Milan Zloković archive collection, concluded in 2017 between the Foundation and the Belgrade City Museum, the processing of objects, their conservation and digitalization and taking over into the property of the Belgrade City Museum have been ongoing for two years.
On the occasion of the European Heritage Day, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade organized the exhibition "Traces of Travel - Watercolors by Milan Zloković". The exhibition was opened on October 1, 2019 and its duration was extended until December 31. It is realized in cooperation with the Foundation. The author of the exhibition is art historian Hajna Tucić.
The year 2017 was marked by several other events, very important for the preservation of the work of Milan Zloković. A decision was made to implement the Project of construction of a new University Children's Clinic and rehabilitating the existing building with the return to its original shape, and regardless of the announced project, in October the reconstruction of the facade of the University Children's Clinic began, which will indicate original architecture and make a clear distinction from rough extensions from the 1990s.