During the four decades of Zloković’s active design work, two hundred and forty designs were prepared for projects of various purposes (residential, administrative, health, tourist, educational, sports, traffic, exhibition, sacral, memorial), including several projects of reconstruction and extension of existing buildings, as well as nine urban plans for narrower or wider urban areas. Among these projects are seventy-three realized facilities, ninety-one competition works and seventy-six conceptual designs. Zloković has worked on several standard type projects for railway station buildings, hygiene institutes, schools and residential buildings. He made a significant contribution to the Serbian modern architecture with his projects for health, tourist and residential buildings, examining their typological characteristics and design possibilities.

By systematizing the extensive legacy of the architect Milan Zloković, which numbers several thousand units of various materials and materials created during decades of work, in order to transfer most of its archive to the Belgrade City Museum, where the collection of Milan Zloković works has been established, complete materials were found, which were not analyzed previously  in architectural historiography, for which information and documentation were fragmentary or were not known to the public.

The following is a selection of the most significant Zloković’s projects from all phases of his work, which include constructed facilities, competition works, conceptual designs and standard projects.


Typology of objects
Form and outcome of the project
Property under preliminary protection
Belgrade-Zemun, Serbia