About us

Milan Zloković Foundation was founded in 2016. with the mission to provide full illumination and affirmation of the work and personality of the architect Milan Zloković, as a designer, artist, scientist and pedagogue. The Foundation is committed to:

  • processing and keeping original documents from the legacy of Milan Zloković and ensuring their availability to the public;
  • shedding light on a part of Zloković’s oeuvre that has not been critically analyzed so far;
  • preservation and protection of constructed buildings, especially cultural monuments, designed by Milan Zloković and to support the establishment of the status of cultural monuments on buildings that deserve it;
  • promotion of the work of Milan Zloković and, indirectly, the reach of national architectural practice and Serbian culture in general;
  • maintaining the memory of the work and personality of Milan Zloković.

  Since its founding, the Foundation has been working on collecting and processing the legacy of Milan Zloković for the purpose of establishing an archive collection of Milan Zloković in the Belgrade City Museum, as well as on processing the materials that will remain in the Foundation. This forms the backbone of the extensive work that was realized with the assistance of the Museum and friends of the Foundation. Another important activity on which the Foundation is continuously working is cooperation with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade in the preparation and implementation of procedures for declaring Zloković’s works as national heritage monuments. In 2017, the Foundation concluded an agreement with the Belgrade City Museum on the establishment of the collection of Milan Zloković works, which defined the conditions under which the Foundation donates the archive of the architect to the museum. Architectural drawings, which will form the basic content of this collection, will be processed through description, conservation and digitization (scanning). The archive will be available in electronic form to interested researchers, and the original drawings will be kept and exhibited in the Museum. Part of the material that has been digitized so far is already available on the Museum’s website, and that database will be updated until the end of the archive processing. The part of the legacy that remains in the Foundation is the scientific-professional library with 1,556 titles, more than 2,700 watercolors, several thousand photographs, postcards and private letters, personal items and the remaining business correspondence of Milan Zloković. In addition to significant results in the protection of five new buildings in the period since the Foundation’s founding, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade is also preparing exhibitions at which Zloković’s architectural and artistic works are exhibited and affirmed. Active cooperation in exhibitions and lectures exists with Zloković’s home institution, Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, as well as with the Faculty of Philosophy, with which an agreement on cooperation will be signed during 2020. The Foundation also has an exceptional cooperation with the Historical Archive of Belgrade, which makes all existing documentation of Zloković’s projects for the needs of the Foundation promptly available. The Museum of Science and Technology is one of the pioneers of the promoter of Milan Zloković’s work and cooperates with the Foundation. In addition to institutions, the work of the Foundation is selflessly supported by individuals with their advice and concrete actions, mostly experts who deal with the work of Milan Zlokovic and who want to contribute to achieving the goals of the Foundation. Among them are Dr. Ljiljana Blagojevic, Dr. Aleksandar Kadijevic, Dr. Irina Subotic, M.Sc. Bojan Kovacevic, Dr. Zorana Djordjevic, Dr. Minja Marjanovic, Dr. Vanja Panic, Dr. Marija Milinkovic, Dr. Dragana Corovic, Aleksandar Radojevic and some now deceased professors of the Faculty of Architecture, Dr. Branislav Milenković (1926-2020) and Spasoje Krunić (1939-2020). Dr. Zoran Manević (1937-2019) has special merits for the affirmation of the character and work of Milan Zloković. He is the founder of the historiography of modern Serbian architecture, the author of the first exhibition on Milan Zloković in 1985 and the author of the first monograph on Zloković published in 1989 as part of the edition Serbian Architects of the Twentieth Century. Dr. Zoran Manević is the author of several scientific and professional papers dedicated to Zloković’s work, the first of which problematized the research of modern architecture in Serbia.

Academician Đordje Zloković is one of the founders of the Milan Zloković Foundation and the first president of the board of directors. Djordje (George) is the son of Milan Zloković and was born in 1927 in Trieste. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1951 and from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1955. He received his doctorate in 1961 from the Faculty of Architecture. Even as a student, and later until his father’s death, he collaborated with him on all projects. He spent his entire working life at the Faculty of Architecture. He won the Seventh of July Lifetime Achievement Award in 1980. From the legacy of Milan Zloković, he formed three volumes from scientific works on modular coordination, which were found in the manuscript, and printed them in a limited number of copies. He was elected a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1985. He passed away in Belgrade in 2017.

Prof. Dr. Milica Mojović, architect, is the President of the Steering Board of the Foundation and its main sponsor. Milica is the daughter of Milan Zloković and she was born in 1932 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1955 and received her doctorate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1979. Even as a student, and later until her father’s death, she collaborated with him on all projects. She spent her working life of 42 years at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Đordje Mojović, architect, is the director of the Foundation. Djordje (George) is the grandson of Milan Zloković and the son of Milica Mojović, born in 1964 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1989, where he received his doctorate in 2009. For the last decade, he has been active in the protection and rehabilitation of Milan Zloković’s buildings, and since the Foundation was established, in collecting and processing archives and other activities promoting Milan Zloković figure and opus. djordje.mojovic@milanzlokovic.org

Nebojsa Antešević, architect, set designer, studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft (Kingdom of the Netherlands), graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, is currently a doctoral student at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Field of research: Yugoslav modern architecture, Serbian contemporary architecture and contemporary theater scenography. Since 2020, he has been a scientific-professional associate of the Foundation and a creative editor of its website. nebojsa.antesevic@milanzlokovic.org



In accordance with its mission and goals, the Milan Zloković Foundation offers interested architectural researchers the opportunity to see part of the legacy of the architect Milan Zloković at the disposal of the Foundation – library, photographs, postcards, letters and archives (documentation) related to long-term design, pedagogical and research work of one of the pioneers of modernist architecture in Serbia. Interested researchers should send a request to the Foundation for the access to the archival material, with a brief explanation of the purpose and topic of the research. The Foundation also asks all researchers to inform it if they have dealt with the work of Milan Zloković in their research and papers, and to send us bibliographic citation of the work or research topic, and if there is a possibility, the published papers can be submitted in electronic format to be made available on the official website of the Foundation. Drawings and other technical documentation of Zloković’s projects, donated to the Belgrade City Museum will be available in digital archive of both the Museum and the Foundation, and these databases are being constantly filled out.


The following material was used on this internet presentation: architectural drawings, sketches and technical documentation which is a part of the archive of Milan Zloković in the Belgrade City Museum; photographs shot by Milan Zloković ( architectural projects, architectural heritage and the tradition of the Balkans, as well as personal photographs of Milan Zloković); art works; articles on modular coordination and the title pages of books and professional journals. all that are part of the archive of Milan Zloković and that the Foundation disposes of; a photograph of the painter Anani Verbicki and Milan Zloković during the filming of the church of the Gradac monastery from the collection of the National Museum in Belgrade; photographic documentation on the House of Nevena Zaborski from the archives of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade; archival and design documentation on the House of Nevena Zaborski, Villa Prendić and Villa Šterić, which is part of the fund of the Historical Archive of Belgrade; elevation with cross-sectional elements of the House of Nevena Zaborski made by Dr. Ljiljana Blagojević; photograph of a detail of the facade of the house of Milan Zloković on Neimar by Bojan Kovačević, MA; postcards of Trieste and Graz; elevataions and proportional analysis of facades of the School in Jagodina, processed in CAD by Dr. Vanja Panić; photographs of the model of the University Children’s Clinic kept in the Museum of Science and Technology; photographs of the Josif Šojat Building from the collection of Miloš Jurišić; a photograph of the Orthopaedic Hospital in Risan by M. Pavić (published in the journal Yugoslavia); a postcard of Villa Riviera from the 1960s and an excerpt from the book “Problems of Contemporary Architecture” by S. Planić from the collection and library of Nebojsa Antešević; written works by Milan Zloković from the Zloković Library and the National Library of Serbia.