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Milan Zlokovic Foundation on the web presentation

At the beginning of 2020, the Milan Zlokovic Foundation has started creating the Foundation’s website, with the idea to present the work of architect Milan Zloković and segments from his extensive legacy in the most immediate way to the general and professional public, in Serbia and abroad and, make them available for educational and scientific purposes. The website presents all aspects of Zloković’s oeuvre (architecture, scientific research and art works), as well as an overview of previous research and scientific valorization of his role in the development of Serbian architecture and culture. Architect Nebojša Antešević has conceived the structure and content of the site, prepared all texts, illustrations, scientific research and newspaper articles and created a logo for the Foundation’s website, Gart Creative Agency is responsible for the design and development of the website and Milena Šiško is a translator of the texts into English. In the period of the pandemic that affected the whole world, the time of isolation and social distancing was used for creative action, almost symbolically representing Zloković’s aspirations and the struggle through which he advocated for constant development, believing that every day is a new beginning. In addition to the website, the Instagram account of the Foundation was launched, on which visual materials from the rich heritage fund are published, with the intention of encouraging or inspiring younger generations to creativity and active work.