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Villa Prendić declared a cultural monument

By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia from March 13, 2020, and at the proposal of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade, Villa Prendić was declared a cultural monument. Built in 1933 in the Professor’s Colony, 20 Osmana Đikića Street, for Zloković’s friend lawyer Jovan Prendić and his wife Dr. Dragojla, this urban villa is positioned as a one-story free-standing building on a regulation line with a front facade oriented towards the square. The influence of the Austrian architect Adolf Loos is noticeable in the architectural solution, expressed in aspects of the Raumplan applied in Zloković’s characteristic way, as well as in the design processing of certain details and architectural elements.

Based on the consistently implemented concept of the architecture of the modernist movement, expressed in the purist treatment of volume and strict functionality of the base, Villa Prendić brings Belgrade’s interwar residential architecture closer to European models. This cultural monument is one of the most representative examples of modernism in Belgrade and represents a prominent achievement of the architect Milan Zloković. In addition, Villa Prendić is an integral part of the architectural and urban ensemble of the Professor’s Colony and is part of its authentic ambiance.

The established measures for the protection of this cultural monument relate, inter alia, to the preservation of the original architectural expression of the building within the defined horizontal and vertical regulation, preservation of the facade grid, structure, materialization, processing, and color of materials used in finishing, preservation of the original building. organization and elements of horizontal and vertical communication in the existing form, with technological improvement of existing and introduction of new installations necessary for modern functioning, as well as up-to-date monitoring and maintenance of a structural-static system of the building, facade cladding and openings, roof geometry, vertical communications.