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Villa Prendić will be restored to his former appearance with the upcoming renovation

With the purchase of Villa Prendić, the new owner, otherwise an aficionado of modern and contemporary art, intends to renovate this urban villa, located in the authentic ambiance of the spatial cultural and historical ensemble of the Professors’ Colony, in accordance with the established protection measures. The new owner informed the responsible Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade about his intentions, as well as Milan Zloković Foundation so that joint cooperation was agreed for renovating the villa.

This unusual opportunity, important for the protection of our modern architectural heritage, will be accompanied by a documentary film which shooting was initiated by the the staff of the Institute. In the coming period, during the renovation of Villa Prendić, the Foundation will inform the professional and general public about the renovation through its profile on the social network Instagram, with the publication of video and photographic material made during the works.