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Milan Zloković’s archive collection at the Belgrade City Museum

On the basis of the cooperation agreement on the formation of the Milan Zloković archive collection, concluded in 2017 between the Foundation and the Belgrade City Museum, the  processing of objects, their conservation and digitalization and taking over into the property of the Belgrade City Museum have been ongoing for two years. By the end of this year, 698 architectural drawings were processed, of which 152 were conservated and 400 were scanned (digitized) in high resolution. The total number of architectural drawings, from conceptual sketches to construction projects, which were photographed at the Foundation, is about 3,800.


Digitized drawings of Zloković’s projects donated to the Museum of the City of Belgrade have been placed in the Museum’s digital database under Milan Zloković’s Legacy, which will be constantly updated after the material is conserved and scanned, and thus will be available to the public.

It is expected that parallel work will begin with the processing of Zlokovic’s scientific work, which deals with the application of theories of proportions and modular coordination in the design and protection of the monumental heritage. Within the Foundation, the part of the archive that remains in the Foundation and the part that will be given to the museum was processed with own resources, scanned and archived. It is about more than 2,700 watercolors, thousands of photographs, postcards, stationery and private letters.

The professional and scientific library of Milan Zloković, which will also remains under the ownership of the Foundation, has been inventoriated, front pages and contents of the publications are scanned and at present the library contains 1.556 items, out of which 885 periodicals.