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Thematical event dedicated to the architect Milan Zloković at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

Organized by the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, on October 25, 2019, the first thematic evening of the retrospective cycle “Serbian architects of modern and contemporary age” was held, dedicated to the architect Milan Zloković. In addition to the reminder of the life and work of that famous artist, the content of the extensive archive available to the Milan Zloković Foundation was also presented.

The audience was addressed by prof. dr Aleksandar Kadijević (Department of Art History of the Faculty of Philosophy), dr Đordje Mojović (manager of the Milan Zloković Foundation), mr Angelina Banković (curator of the architectural and urban collection of the Museum of the City of Belgrade), Aleksandra Dabižić (senior expert associate of the Institute for Cultural Monuments of Belgrade) and Bojan Kovačević, MA (President of the Serbian Academy of Architecture).