State Postage Stamp Printing Factory

Belgrade, Serbia
Type of objectAdministration and business
Project outcomeCompetition work

The competition work for the building of the State Postage Stamp Printing Factory in Belgrade is one of the lesser-known Zloković projects from the mature period of creativity, which is now available to researchers in the Milan Zloković Collection at the Museum of the City of Belgrade. The state markarnica, an institution where postage and tax stamps and other securities were printed, was located before the Second World War in low barracks in the area at the foot of Senjak (on the corner of Vojvode Mišića Boulevard and Ruska Street). On the nearby empty plot, the construction of a new marker building is planned, for which a competition was announced in 1936. The competition envisaged the construction of the main building, which would have a basement, ground floor and three floors, and would be located on the lower plot along the main street, and a villa for the director, several residential buildings for marker employees and a kindergarten for children of employees in the area of the upper plot (behind the main building, on the corner of Ruska and Nova streets). According to this program, Zloković also elaborates his solution in which a specific prose of rationalist evocation is recognized. The architecture of the main building, the focus of the project, is dominated by the structure of the main facade membrane in relation to the internal organization and the height stratification of the building towards the second plot, i.e., residential buildings.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
A significant achievement of Milan Zloković in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is related to the completion of the first phase of his work, is the building of the State Mortgage Bank in Sarajevo, awarded the second prize of the first rank.
A notable conceptual solution from Zloković's early modernist phase is the competition work for arranging the Terazije Terrace in Belgrade, considered a space of significant urban-architectural intervention in the central city zone.
Belgrade, Serbia
The competition work for the Palace of the Privileged Agrarian Bank in Belgrade is a lesser-known Zloković design from an earlier period of creativity, which is now available to researchers in the Milan Zloković Collection at the Belgrade City Museum.
Northern Macedonia, Skoplje
The initiative for the construction of the Chamber of Commerce in Skopje (North Macedonia) was given at the beginning of 1933. by members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the aim of gathering all economic organizations of Skopje in one place, in a common home, in order to ensure their more efficient work.
Belgrade, Serbia
Among the architectural competitions that were announced for state institutions in Belgrade during the 1930s, was the competition for the State Printing House from 1933, in which many leading Yugoslav architects participated.
Belgrade, Serbia
Rudnička 1
The automotive industry of the first half of the 20th century was accompanied by a strong modernization process based on new technological and economic possibilities. In such an environment, modern architecture favored the presentation of modern achievements (products of the new industry), just as new car models were an appropriate attribute for a complete presentation of modern architectural achievements (house - machine).