Villa Riviera

Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Type of objectTourist
Project outcomeRealization

During the thirties of the 20th century, due to the development of modern tourism and strengthening of tourist activities in Yugoslavia, the focus of tourist construction was on private initiative, i.e, on private investors who invested in the construction of accommodation and catering facilities (hotels, boarding houses, and villas) contributed to the improvement and modernization of the tourist offer. In these facilities, the owners usually had their own separate apartment, and an example of such a tourist facility is the Villa Riviera in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), which Zloković designed for the investor Andrija Franović. It was built on a steep terrain above the sea shore, in the picturesque ambience of Mediterranean vegetation. The villa was designed with four separate apartments which, in addition to the lounge, dining room and kitchen, also had several rooms. Due to the falling terrain, the entrances to the apartments are planned on the central floor, at the level of the upper elevation where the access road is, while the upper and lower levels had several rooms, of which the sea-oriented rooms had a spacious balcony. Basically modernistically conceived, without historical reminiscences, this high-ranking tourist facility evokes the picturesqueness of Mediterranean architecture with its design, which Zloković pictorially represents in his drawings.

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Mataruška banja, Serbia
Hotel Žiča, owned by Hovan Desider, is the first modern hotel in Serbia, whose architecture combines Western modernist practice in designing this typology and Zloković's unique prose, then still in the development phase, aimed at researching proportional relations, which were initially applied by determining optimal surfaces of the main contents and the composition of the basic volumes.
Montenegro, Ulcinj
By creating better material conditions for market-oriented tourism, in the early 1960s in the tourist areas of Yugoslavia, several significant realizations of tourist facilities were created, which gave impetus to future mass tourist construction, including the complex of a new tourist settlement in Ulcinj (Montenegro), designed by Zloković in collaboration with the architect’s son Đorđe Zloković and daughter Milica Mojović.